FX888D Soldering station

FX888D Soldering station

FX888D Soldering station

  • Model: FX-888D

System Includes

  • Microprocessor based power control.
  • Soldering iron
  • Stand with cleaning sponge
  • Cellulose tip cleaning sponge


Reliable digital technology by HHAKKO - Introducing the HAKKO FX-888D

Excellent thermal recovery

Heater output has been increased by 30% compared to that of the conventional models HAKKO 936/937. Also FX-888D delivers excellent thermal recovery by using T18 series tips for their terrific heat conductivity.

This allows soldering at a lower set temperature and reducing the thermal impact on components as well as tip oxidation that can shorten tip life.

HAKKO FX-888D performance comparison graph with conventional stations

Able to shorten the time required for the same work and improve work efficiency significantly.



Model No. : FX-888D

Power consumption : 70W

Temperature range : 50 to 480ºC

Temperature stability : ±1ºC at idle temperature

StationOutput voltage : AC 26V

Dimensions : 100(W)×120(H)×120(D)mm

Weight : 1.2kg


Soldering Iron


Power consumption : 65W (26V)

Tip to ground resistance : <2Ω

Tip to ground potential : <2mV

Heating element : Ceramic heater

Standard tip : Shape-B (No.T18-B)

Cord length : 1.2m

Total length : 217mm (with B tip)

Weight : 46g (with B tip)