• Model: Z207

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The generation and accumulation of unwanted electrostatic charges, both surface and airborne, poses a serious problem in various industries and laboratories. For instance, static charges can create havoc with sensitive equipment and electronic components.

This Bench Top instrument is designed to neutralise your ESD work-station or ESD protected area with a stream of ionized air. It does what Wrist straps and Conductive mats cannot do - i.e. remove static charges from non-conductive objects and surfaces.

It is able to rapidly neutralise potentially dangerous charges in a localised area. An axial fan gives the desired air flow to neutralise static on specific  objects rapidly, as well as control static in the general area infront of the ionizer.

This is a powerful, trouble free and compact solution to static control problems anywhere. The unique high efficiency ionization pulse circuitry provides fast discharge with minimum air flow. A high air flow would lead to operator discomfort and may also disturb small components.

This static eliminator works on the principle of high voltage corona discharge to produce the neutralising ions. It is designed for continuous use and a current limitor circuit ensures operator safety even if the ion emitters are accidentally touched.

The Z207 has special circuitry to ensure a balanced ion output. This ensures that no net charge is induced by the ion shower. Balance is maintained irrespective of supply voltage and even if the discharge electrodes are dirty. Balanced output is essential when used in ESD protected areas.



Anti-static work stations and assembly units.

Plastic film and paper industries

Plastic manufacturing and moulding units.

Pharmaceutical industry.

Clean rooms.


Air Flow : 1.8 cu m/min

Noise level : 45 dbA (at 1m)

Supply : 230V AC 50Hz 20 Watts

Ionization voltage : 6-8 KV

Ion balance : under -/+ 50 V

Construction : Powder coated MS cabinet

Dimensions in mm : 170 x 90 x 200

Weight : 2.75 kgs

Warranty : One year