Multifunctional Reworkstation

Multifunctional Reworkstation

Multifunctional Reworkstation

  • Model: 845-CR

System Includes

Microprocessor based power control unit with built in vacuum pump and air pump

Four control channel with digital display

Soldering iron

De-soldering iron

Hot Air gun

Stands with cleaning sponge

Power cord

Vacuum Placer

IC lifter

Complete Tool Box ,Replacement soldering & Desoldering

Bits,Cleaning springs&sponges,Ex….

Extra three different nozzles as per client requirement 


The HEATEX 845CR ESD SAFE Multifunctional Rework stationwas developed to meet the present and future needs of the electronic industry, Service/R&D engineers and the hobbyist. The multi application ability of this station makes it ideal for use in situations where the maximum amount of flexibility is required. The station has an in built pump to provide the air movement for the hot air gun and the vacuum for the desoldering tool and can be used to rework both surface mounted and through hole components. The HEATEX 849CR control unit is the base a micro processor controlled system to regulate the solder processes.

Four Channel simultaneous operation Soldering & Desoldering with Four independent outputs 

Temperature Control for accurate and precise temperature

Hot air gun for safe and-contact SMT component removal or replacement.

Integrating the functions of hot air and soldering iron, more convenient for use and

covering less work space.

ESD SAFE Design  

High capacity through hole De-soldering iron with finger activated vacuum

The detachable soldering iron is engineered with a highly insulated ceramic

heating element

SMD Tweezers For Quick Removal SMT Components

Instant Recovery Soldering Iron For Hand Soldering And Touch Up Operations

Bright display for clear visibility

Auto tune systems control

Closed loop temperature control

Soft On/Off Power switch

Modular and compact design

Quality nozzles /Bits for long life

ESD SAFE by design ,Sleep mode by auto off ideal time Programmable Temperature Locking

Monitor Bit & Nozzle temperature intelligently with perfect temperature offset toensure soldering Quality.

The unit is digitally calibrated through advanced software.

Burn Proof silicon cable thermal resistance up to 600 Deg.C

Heatex – 845CR soldering ceramic heater provides high insulation and reduces the handle-to-tip distance for faster soldering with a minimum of motion. The special alloy heating element is printed in the alumina ceramic insulating layer, then sintered to the ceramic main body, completely sealing the heating element from the air, protecting it from oxidation.

A more advanced version of this uses a microprocessor to monitor the

Fixture System, Safety rest Optional 

Temperature of the tip via thermocouple and adjusts the power to the heating element accordingly.


Input Voltage                          :           230VAC, 50Hz/500W

Temperature Range                 :           200 C - 480C (Soldering & De-Soldering Iron)

                                             :           100oC - 450oC (Hot- Air Gun)

                                             :           180oC- 400oC ( Tweezers) Optional 

De-Soldering Iron                   :           24VAC, 90W

Soldering Iron                         :           24VAC, 90W

Tweezers                                 :           24VAC,50W OPTIONAL 

Hot Air Gun                            :           230/110 VAC,250 W 

Air Pum                                   :          24 VDC, 3-120 Lt/Min

Vacuum Pum                          :           24 VDC,12000RPM 500 to 700 Mm/Hg

Temp control accuracy            :           ± 2%, For soldering,desoldering,

Temp control Stability            :           ± 2°C

Tip Leakage Current              :           < 2 mA

Tip to Ground Resistance       :           < 2 Ohms

Tip to Ground Leakage Voltage:        < 2 Mv