Digital PTH Desoldering Station

Digital PTH Desoldering Station

Digital PTH Desoldering Station

  • Model: 606D

System Includes

  •  Microprocessor based power control unit with built in vacuum pump.
  •  De-soldering  iron
  •  Stand with cleaning sponge & Cellulose tip cleaning sponge
  •  Power cord & Tool box: Fiber filters 20 Nos,solder collector glass tube 1No, Tip replace Spanner 1No,Cleaning
  •  spring 2 Nos, Silicon washers 2 sets.


Temperature Control for accurate and precise temperature
Digital Dispaly for clear visibility with 7 segment display
Auto tune systems control
Closed loop temperature control
Soft On/Off Power switch
Modular and compact ESD SAFE design
Quality nozzles for long life
High capacity through hole(PTH) De-soldering iron with finger activated vacuum
Easy to handle. Different Sized Bits & Nozzles are available.
Heatex – 606D Soldering Desolderng ceremic heater provides high insulation and reduces the handle-to-tip distance for faster soldering with a minimum of motion. The special alloy heating element is printed in the alumina ceramic insulating layer, then sintered to the ceramic main body, completely sealing the heating element from the air, protecting it from oxidation.
A more advanced version of this uses a microprocessor to monitor the Temperature of the tip via thermocouple and adjusts the power to the heating element accordingly. The unit is digitally calibrated through advanced software.
Burn Proof silicon cable thermal resistance up to 600 Deg.C


Input Voltage : 180-240VAC,50Hz Fuse : 3.15A 

           De-soldering : 24VAC,80W                 

·          Desold pump :24VDC, 80W                Vacuum Pressure :12000 rpm, 500 to 650mm/hg

           Temp Range : 180 to  480°C               Temperature control accuracy +/- 1°C

·          Tip Leakage Current : < 2 mA              Temperature control Stability +/- 1°C

·          Tip to Ground Resistance : < 2 Ohms

·          Tip to Ground Leakage Voltage : < 2 mV