Digital SMD Rework Station

Digital SMD Rework Station

Digital SMD Rework Station

  • Model: 706SD

System Includes

  • Power base with built in air pump & PID based power control channel with digital display
  • soldering iron and SMD Hot air gun
  • Stand with cleaning sponge
  • Cellulose tip cleaning sponge
  • Hot air gun for non contact soldering and de-soldering of SMD’s with single hole nozzle


PID Control for accurate and precise temperature

Hot air gun for safe and-contact SMT component removal or replacement.

Self contained diaphragm Air pump

Bright display for clear visibility

Auto tune systems control

Closed loop temperature control

Soft On/Off Power switch

Modular and compact design

Integrating the functions of hot air and soldering iron, more convenient for use and covering less work space.

Self contained Air Pump , with air flow quantity can be adjusted softly.

Easy to handle. Different Sized Bits & Nozzles are available.

Monitor Bit & Nozzle temperature intelligently with perfect temperature offset to ensure soldering Quality.


Input Voltage : 230VAC,50Hz

Soldering iron: 24VAC,80W

Hot air gun     : 110VAC,150W

Air pump        : 230VAC,3-24 Lt/min

Tip to Ground Resistance : < 2 Ohms

Tip to Ground Leakage Voltage : < 2 mV

Temp Range : 180- 480°C(Soldering iron)    150- 450°C(Hot air gun)