Customized Solder Pot

Customized Solder Pot

Customized Solder Pot

  • Model: 601H

System Includes

Microprocessor based power control unit with Stianless steel pot 

Power cord 


Temp Control for accurate and precise temperature

Bright display for clear visibility

Auto tune systems control

Closed loop temperature control

Soft On/Off Power switch

Modular and compact design,,ESD SAFE by design

Quality tips for long life

Easy to use, easy maintenance, good heat effect, melting tin fast.

The unit is digitally calibrated through advanced software.

High power heater,quickly melten the lead-free tin bar.


·         Input Voltage : 3000W , 230V AC ±10% 50Hz                    

·         Temp Range :150-450°C

·         Temp stability : +/- 1 °C

·         Bath Capacity : Upto 30 Kg. approx.

Mechanical Dimensions

Pot dimensions : W400 x L300 X D60mm Depth Stainless steel A grade

Weight: 4000grms.